iMapPESTS is led by Hort Innovation, through funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture as part of its Rural R&D for Profit program, with funding from 17 partner organisations

The sentinel

The sentinel features specialised trapping equipment and technology:

·2 spore samplers: high volume air samplers, specifically designed to collect airborne spores


·2 metre insect suction trap: to monitor localised insect dynamics


·6 metre insect suction trap: ideally suited to monitor for long-distance migratory insect flights


·Bioscout system: near real-time monitoring technology of fungal spores, under collaboration


A key feature of the sentinel is its ability to provide localised information that impacts a specific region, which may not apply to growing regions in other parts of the country. The iMapPESTS team will be launching and testing the prototype sentinel in-field in South Australia. Additional sentinels will be deployed around Australia, with a second sentinel launching in northern Queensland in February 2020.

Where is the sentinel?

We've just completed a trial of the sentinel at Hart, where we were looking for these targets...

Black leg of canola

Botrytis grey mould

Black spot


Green peach aphid

Bird cherry oat aphid

Russian wheat aphid

Light Brown Apple Moth