Hart field site trial

Sentinel 3 is currently sampling alongside cropping trials at the Hart field site, targeting priority pests and pathogens grains. 

Weather data from Sentinel 1 is presented below up until 13/09/2020.

Weather data is as temperature (blue line), relative humidity (orange line) & rainfall (green bars)

Insect data are presented as the total number of each target insect counted in collected samples from our 2m trap

Spore data is presented as kilo copies of target DNA per sample from spore samplers A & B

Sentinel 1 Sampling period

04/08/2020 - 13/09/2020

Pest, pathogen & weather data from Sentinel 3 trails will be updated through this page as it becomes available
To receive a notification when pest and pathogen information for
Hart field site is available, or provide feedback on in-field observations, please contact us here

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